The CEREC Procedure

Dentistry should be convenient! You can choose convenience and quality at the same time. 

Exam and Preparation

Dr Lemke will make every effort to restore your teeth in the most conservative way possible. If your tooth is too damaged to be restored with white filling (composite) material, it’s time to select a CEREC crown. Dr Lemke can get you numb and prepare your tooth in under an hour. 

Optical Impression, No Temporary Crown!

No mess, no gunk, no bad tastes. Dr Lemke will use an optical scanner to make a 3D model of your tooth and design your crown, veneer, or onlay while you wait. The crown is milled on site in the same visit. Dr Lemke hand paints every crown himself to assure the match to your natural tooth is perfect. You will leave your visit on time, with your crown completed in one visit.

The Highest Quality Restoration

Other dentists send your work off to a laboratory technician who has never even seen your mouth, and doesn’t know what your teeth look like. More steps, at greater distance from you, mean more chances for error. At any other dental office, if the fit comes back from the lab a little off, you will have to wait days or weeks for a repair. 
Dr Lemke won’t send you home without your work complete. By controlling every step of the production we can assure a flawless fit and superior esthetics on the first try, every time. 

Why Doesn’t Every Dentist Offer CEREC?

CEREC dentistry requires a terrific investment in equipment and training. Most dentists can’t or won’t make the time to reconfigure their entire practice. Dr Lemke knows the value that CEREC dentistry brings to his patients, and the superior results that it can provide. We have committed thousands of hours to mastering this technique. We know you will be able to tell the difference when our work is done.